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Berries Berries

from "Berkshire Mountains:
A Woodland Study"

(Art Hop 2004)

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White White

from "Abstract Auto"

(Art Hop 2005)

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Boce Ball Garden 4 Bocce Ball Garden 4

from "Bocce Ball Garden"

(Art Hop 2005)

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Hill Woman Hill Woman

from "Katmandu Bazaar:
An Exhibition of Faces"

(Green Door Studio 2006)

A hardbound coffee table book
of the exhibit is also available

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Birch Bark 3 Birch Bark 3

from "Birch Bark"

(Canton College Centennial Gala 2006)
(Community College of Vermont 2006)
(BluSeed Studio 2007)

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Flow Flow

from "Rustic Weather"

(Art Hop 2006)
(Creative Spirit Art Center 2006)

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St. Sophia St. Sophia

from the Kallitype Collection

(Art Hop 2007)
(Maine Media Workshops Website 2008)
(Creative Spirit Art Center 2008)
(Art Hop 2009)
(New York State Juried Art Exhibit,
Frederic Remington Museum 2012)

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Sailboat 13 Sailboat 13

from "Sailboat Chandlery"

(Art Hop 2008)

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Piano 1 Piano 1

from "Piano"

(BluSeed Studio 2013)

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Point 5 Point 5

from "Verde Valley School"

(Verde Valley School 2016)

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